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Grade 1: Brand new and unworn, comes with all accessories.
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Grade 2: As good as new, the bag was worn 1-3 times
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Grade 3: Excellent condition, minor signs of use.
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Grade 4: Very good: This bag will show light signs of wear.
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Grade 5: Good: This bag is still in good condition, with light to moderate signs of use.
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Grade 6: Acceptable: This bag has visibly and gracefully aged, showing signs of use and some damage.
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Shades of Pink: The Luxurious World of Hermès Handbags

Evi P.
5. January 2024

Are you a fan of pink? This color, with its numerous shades ranging from feminine and innocent to shocking and bold, has established itself as a staple in the fashion world in recent years. This is particularly evident in Hermès handbags. The pink models of the brand are among the most popular and coveted collector’s items worldwide. Just imagine what it would be like to carry one of these bags, especially a Hermès Birkin in a radiant pink shade.

The Variety of Pink Shades at Hermès

Over the years, Hermès has released an impressive palette of pink shades. Some of these have become particularly popular. Notably, the Hermès Bubblegum or 5P colors often fetch significantly higher prices on the secondary market than other pink shades.

hermes kelly mini 20 HSS rose sakura

The Most Popular Hermès Pink Colors

Hermès’ pink palette is diverse, and while all shades find their admirers, there are huge differences in popularity and value. The lighter pink tones are particularly sought after and sell quickly at higher prices. The most coveted Hermès pink shades include: Rose Sakura – a soft, floral tone that radiates freshness and youthfulness. Mauve Sylvestre – a subtle and elegant variation of pink that conveys understated elegance. Rose 5P or Bubblegum Pink – a lively, almost striking pink shade that catches the eye immediately. Rose Azalee – a bright and warm pink shade reminiscent of blooming azaleas. Rose Confetti – a playful, light tone that embodies happiness and lightness. Rose d’Ete – a rare and cool pink shade, characterized by its elegance and timeless beauty. These top Hermès colors are among the most exclusive and maintain their high value year after year.

Rose Sakura: A Tribute to the Japanese Cherry Blossom

Looking back a few years, one pink shade stands out in particular: Rose Sakura. This soft, natural baby pink, inspired by the cherry blossoms of the Japanese Sakura tree, has spectacularly maintained its popularity over the years. The delicacy and purity of this color reflect the fleeting beauty of the Sakura blossoms, making every Hermès bag in this shade a real eye-catcher.

img 60766 655b36b7081c0

The Warmth of Rose Azalee and the Playfulness of Rose Confetti

Rose Azalee, inspired by the azalea flower, is a warm pink with coral undertones and is known as one of the rarest pink shades in the Hermès portfolio. This shade conveys a unique warmth and liveliness, making it particularly desirable. In contrast, Rose Confetti, introduced in 2014, is one of the best color shades on the secondary market. The debate over whether Rose Confetti is a true pink or tends more towards peach is a hot topic among Hermès enthusiasts.

The Pastel World of Mauve Sylvestre and Mauve Pale

Mauve Sylvestre, a cool pastel pink with a hint of lilac, was developed to resemble a wildflower of the same name. This light pink shade is already very popular, and resale prices exceed all other shades. Mauve Pale, the latest addition to the Hermès pink collection, surpasses Mauve Sylvestre as the lightest pink shade Hermès has to offer. Interestingly, Mauve Pale was actually produced earlier, as part of limited editions of pastel-colored bags in the early 2000s. These bags, made from the unique Box Nepal leather, included 25 cm Sellier Kellys, various clutches, and 18 cm Constances. Besides Mauve Pale, this collection also included unique shades like Lilac and Jaune Pale.

Hermes Mauve Pale

L4 and 5P Bubblegum: Hermès’ Most Coveted Pink Shades

L4 Bubblegum: A New Color Revolution – The introduction of L4 Bubblegum, specially developed for ostrich leather, has caused a stir in the world of luxury handbags. This shade, almost identical to the well-known 5P Pink, has quickly become one of the most coveted shades on the secondary market. The fascination with L4 Bubblegum underscores Hermès’ continuous innovation and pursuit of exclusivity in its color palettes.

5P Pink: The Long-Time Favorite – Hermès 5P Pink remains an undisputed favorite among collectors, especially for mini bags. Examples in 5P Pink, particularly those made of alligator leather, often fetch extremely high prices on the secondary market. This shade has established itself as the standard tone for pink at Hermès and symbolizes the classic luxury and elegance of the brand.

The Exclusivity of Fuchsia

Fuchsia in ostrich leather was a highly coveted choice for a while, but bags in excellent condition have become rare. Newly produced ostrich bags in Fuchsia showcase the brilliance and depth of this shade and confirm the ongoing demand for this exclusive color. Terre Cuite, another shade, has steadily gained popularity and value since its introduction.

Hermes Birkin Fuchsia

 Vibrant Pink Shades for the Bold

Newer, more vibrant pink colors from Hermès, such as Rose Shocking, Rose Extreme, and Rose Tyrien, are characterized by their brightness and liveliness. These intense pink shades may appeal to a smaller circle of collectors but offer more attractive prices for lovers of these colors. In 2023, Hermès expanded the spectrum of pink shades by adding Rose Pop, a darker shade that resembles the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta.

hermes Kelly  Rose Extreme

The Fascination of Hermès Pink Shades

The world of Hermès pink shades is indeed a kaleidoscopic journey through color and emotion. Each shade, from the delicate Rose Sakura to the vibrant Rose Shocking, tells a unique story and embodies a specific mood or personality. This color palette is a dynamic artwork that is constantly evolving and enriched by new, exciting shades. Each pink shade has its special place in the world of luxury handbags, with some known for their rarity and others for their bold expressions. From the classic and timeless shades like 5P Pink to the bold and powerful colors like Rose Shocking, Hermès offers a perfect balance between tradition and modern boldness. These Hermès colors represent different facets of personality and offer the perfect shade for every occasion and taste.

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