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More information about the grades:
Grade 1: Brand new and unworn, comes with all accessories.
More information about the grades:
Grade 2: As good as new, the bag was worn 1-3 times
More information about the grades:
Grade 3: Excellent condition, minor signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 4: Very good: This bag will show light signs of wear.
More information about the grades:
Grade 5: Good: This bag is still in good condition, with light to moderate signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 6: Acceptable: This bag has visibly and gracefully aged, showing signs of use and some damage.
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Find out if your luxury bag is authentic

Do You Wonder If the Handbag You Bought Is Authentic?
We Offer You the Service of Authentication of Your Handbags and Accessories.
Since employees of the fashion companies are not allowed to give any information about the authenticity and market value of luxury bags, we are happy to take over the verification of authenticity as well as the calculation of the current purchase value or market value for you. For this we work together with an experienced specialist.

We authenticate the following brands:

  • Hermès
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Balenciaga
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Celine
  • Christian Dior
  • Valentino
  • Yves Saint Laurent
We need the bag in our shop to take a look at it and make the necessary pictures. The expense and the execution of an authentication can range from an verbal assessment to a complete expert opinion on paper, depending on your requirements.

In addition, we offer to test your bags with Entrupy technology. “Superfakes” can be so accurate that even the most expert eyes have trouble telling the difference.

Entrupy’s technology sees things that people can’t, so even the best fakes can’t sneak through. An Entrupy certificate is produced for each authentic item submitted into the Entrupy system. Each Entrupy certificate has a unique link that is hosted on Entrupy’s servers and is backed by Entrupy´s financial guarantee for any incidental losses.

Why authentication with Entrupy technology?

  • Highly Accurate, Financially Guaranteed
  • Near-100% accuracy rate with added protection against potential financial losses
  • Infinitely more secure and scalable than manual solutions

Reproductions, copies or publications of prepared briefs or expert opinions require in any case the revocable written consent of us.

Do you have further questions about our authentication service?

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail or via our contact form.

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