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Grade 1: Brand new and unworn, comes with all accessories.
More information about the grades:
Grade 2: As good as new, the bag was worn 1-3 times
More information about the grades:
Grade 3: Excellent condition, minor signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 4: Very good: This bag will show light signs of wear.
More information about the grades:
Grade 5: Good: This bag is still in good condition, with light to moderate signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 6: Acceptable: This bag has visibly and gracefully aged, showing signs of use and some damage.
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Fashion in retrospect: inspiration by styles of past decades

3. March 2024

Fashion is a timeless mosaic where the past and present constantly merge in a dance of styles. In this endless cycle of the fashion world, we continually witness how trends from past epochs reinvent themselves and reappear on the runways of the present and in the wardrobes of modern fashionistas and dandies. Therefore, a journey through fashion history is not just a nostalgic indulgence in the styles of past decades, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating unique and expressive looks.

In this blog post, we embark on a stylish journey through time to rediscover the fashion trends of past decades. We will look at which trends have the potential to become timeless classics and how you can draw inspiration from them for your modern style. Let’s find out together how old trends can be reinterpreted to redefine the fashion stage of today.

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The 1920s: An Era of Booming Fashion

The golden age of the 1920s, also known as “The Roaring Twenties,” was an epoch where fashion took a revolutionary turn. The style of this era was characterized by rebellious freedom, evident in loose silhouettes, shorter lengths, and a penchant for dazzling jewelry. The women of the 1920s embraced Flapper fashion, a synonym for independence, with dresses richly adorned with beads, sequins, and glitter. The accessories were dominated by the Art Deco style – an aesthetic that continues to fascinate to this day. In current fashion collections, we witness a renaissance of this era, where elegance and boldness converge, thus creating looks that are both contemporary and nostalgic.

The 1950s: A Time of Femininity and Luxury

Jumping forward to the 1950s, a time known for its distinctly feminine silhouettes, sophisticated lines, and luxurious fabrics. The style of the 50s reflected a return to femininity and elegance, marked by voluminous bell skirts, emphasized waists, and bright, colorful prints. The retro look of this decade is finding resonance again today, especially due to its unmistakable femininity and elegant flair. Whether in the curved lines of a flared dress or the charming accent of a waist belt, the fashion of the 1950s offers endless inspiration for modern creations that are both timeless and expressive.

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1970s: The Era of Hippies and Bohemian Style

Let’s step into the colorful and unconventional era of the 1970s, shaped by the hippie movement and Bohemian style. This period was an explosion of vivid colors, a variety of patterns, and loose, flowing silhouettes. Distinctive morning coats, wide pants, flared jeans, and layered looks defined the fashion of this time, reflecting the spirit of freedom and cultural revolution. Today, the Bohemian and hippie style is making a comeback, not just as a nod to nostalgic fashion but also as a symbol of a casual, free-spirited look, celebrated in today’s fashion collections.

1990s: The Era of Grunge and Minimalism

Jumping ahead to the 1990s, the era of grunge, minimalism, and emerging street style. During this time, boyfriend jeans, robust leather jackets, plaid shirts, and comfortable sneakers were the icons of the zeitgeist, reflecting a mix of rebellion and understated elegance. Today, these style elements are experiencing a revival on the runways and in the wardrobes of modern fashion enthusiasts, bringing a fresh and contemporary touch that bridges the past with the present.


In the world of fashion, a return to the past is more than just a nostalgic journey. It’s a creative process where the styles and trends of past decades serve as a source of inspiration to create something new, unique, and contemporary. By reviving style elements from past eras, we can enrich our individual style and create a look that expresses our personal touch.

Fashion history offers us an immense treasure of ideas, colors, shapes, and patterns. By combining elements from different decades, an exciting dialogue is created between the past and the present. This creative process is an expression of our individuality and a playground for our imagination.

Let’s remember that fashion is more than just clothing – it’s a canvas for our creativity, a means of self-expression, and a way to tell our unique story. Let yourself be inspired by past decades, but don’t hesitate to set your own accents and reinterpret fashion in your way. In the world of fashion, there are no fixed rules, only endless possibilities to unfold and celebrate your personal style.

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