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More information about the grades:
Grade 1: Brand new and unworn, comes with all accessories.
More information about the grades:
Grade 2: As good as new, the bag was worn 1-3 times
More information about the grades:
Grade 3: Excellent condition, minor signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 4: Very good: This bag will show light signs of wear.
More information about the grades:
Grade 5: Good: This bag is still in good condition, with light to moderate signs of use.
More information about the grades:
Grade 6: Acceptable: This bag has visibly and gracefully aged, showing signs of use and some damage.
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Fashion in film: How films become inspirations for designers

19. February 2024

Delve into the world of film and you’ll find that fashion not only reflects the culture of its time, but often serves as inspiration for designers. Films not only tell stories, but also create aesthetic images that stick in the audience’s memory and inspire the world’s fashion designers. In this blog, we will look at a few iconic films that have had a significant impact on the fashion world.

1.”Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961): Directed by Blake Edwards and based on Truman Capote’s novel, this film has become a true symbol of style and elegance. The image created for the main character Holly Golightly (Yvette Lawrence) was particularly striking. Her elegant black dresses, classic pearl jewellery and, of course, iconic sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith demonstrated her impeccable style and became an inspiration for many designers.

2.“The Great Gatsby” (The Great Gatsby, 2013): Baz Luhrmann’s film, based on the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, took viewers into the world of luxury and opulence of the 1920s. The costumes designed by Catherine Martin were a vivid reflection of the lavish style of the time: opulent gowns, feathers, diamonds and impeccable men’s suits. This film was the inspiration for many retro collections and photo shoots.

Fashion in Film: How Films Inspire Designers

3.”The Devil Wears Prada (2006): Although this film about the fashion world focuses on Vogue magazine and its ruthless editor-in-chief, Miranda Prestley, the images created for the main characters are also noteworthy. The costumes designed by Patricia Phillips emphasise the style and professionalism of the heroines, and show elegance and sophistication in dressing.

4.”Moulin Rouge” (Moulin Rouge!, 2001): This Baz Luhrmann film about life in a Parisian cabaret in the early 20th century is known for its flamboyant and extravagant style. The costumes, designed by Catherine Martin and Angela Pinkington, are filled with bright colours, unusual fabrics and gorgeous details. They caught the attention of the audience and inspired many designers to create collections based on the romance and aesthetics of the film.

5.”Paris, I Love You” (Paris, je t’aime, 2006): This anthology film is a collection of short stories, each taking place in a different area of Paris. Although the film focuses on the stories and feelings of the characters, costumes and style play an important role in conveying the atmosphere of each neighbourhood. French chic and elegance permeate each scene, inspiring designers from around the world to create collections based on Parisian style.

Fashion in Film: How Films Inspire Designers

6.“Sex and the City” (Sex and the City, 2008): This TV series, and later films, became not only iconic in the entertainment world, but also a source of inspiration for fashion trends. The images of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends demonstrated the endless possibilities in fashion, allowing each character to express their uniqueness through clothing and accessories. The Sex and the City films continue to inspire fashion designers to create collections that reflect the spirit of freedom, individuality and style.

7.”Pretty Woman” (Pretty Woman, 1990): Directed by Harry Gershtyn and starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, this film has become iconic in the world of romantic comedies and has inspired many designers. The images of the main characters, especially the style icon created for Julia Roberts, became a symbol of femininity and elegance. The clothes, accessories and images of the characters in this film continue to be an inspiration for fashion designers around the world.

These films prove that the world of cinema not only entertains us with its stories, but is also a source of inspiration for global fashion. Each one presents a unique style and aesthetic that has a significant impact on designers and inspires them to create new collections that reflect the zeitgeist and beauty of cinema.

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