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Grade 1: Brand new and unworn, comes with all accessories.
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Grade 2: As good as new, the bag was worn 1-3 times
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Grade 3: Excellent condition, minor signs of use.
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Grade 4: Very good: This bag will show light signs of wear.
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Grade 5: Good: This bag is still in good condition, with light to moderate signs of use.
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Grade 6: Acceptable: This bag has visibly and gracefully aged, showing signs of use and some damage.
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Exclusive Hermès Accessories for Your Kelly and Birkin

Evi P.
29. December 2023

Hermès offers a rich selection of accessories that transform every Kelly or Birkin into a unique work of art. Whether bag charms or silk scarves, Hermès accessories are the quintessence of luxury, adding a personal touch to your favorite bag.

Bag charms may seem like playful luxury to some, but for connoisseurs of fine accessories, they are a clear sign of individual expression. Hermès has recognized this passion and has been offering a stunning range of charms since the early 2000s. These small artworks serve not only as fashionable accents but also as expressions of the personality of their owners. From understated elegance to striking designs, there is something for every preference.

Hermès Birkin 25 Gris Perle Togo Gold Hardware

Twilly Scarves: More Than Just an Accessory

The small Twilly silk scarves are not only visual highlights, but also proven protectors of your precious handbag.  The fine leather of the bag handles is sensitive to the natural oils released by the hands. An artfully wrapped Twilly not only protects against dirt and wear but also gives the bag an individual note with vibrant colors and patterns. With a wide range of designs and colors, Hermès offers the perfect Twilly for every taste and every bag.

For many fans of the brand, it is unthinkable to wear a Hermès bag without the matching Twilly. This has led to the development of a collecting passion, where an impressive variety of Twillys accumulates – each color and pattern carefully selected to match different occasions and outfits. This personal touch transforms each bag into an expression of individual style and elegance.

Rodeo Bag Charm: A Collector’s Item

The Rodeo charm is the epitome of the fusion of playful charm and luxurious elegance in the world of fashion accessories. Since its introduction in 2005, this charm, shaped like a stylized toy horse, has become a symbol of attention to detail and craftsmanship that is central to Hermès. This accessory, deeply rooted in the heritage of the brand closely associated with horses, has secured a firm place in the hearts of Hermès lovers worldwide.

The fascination with the Rodeo charm is partly due to its impressive variety. With around 90 color variations that Hermès has released since its debut, the Rodeo offers something for every taste and style. The range includes charms in a single, bold color like deep black, vibrant Bleu Zanzibar, or the delicate Rose Mexico, as well as more complex designs featuring four or even six colors. These multi-color versions play with contrasts on the main body, mane, saddle, and straps, offering a rich visual variety.

Moreover, Hermès experiments with different materials. In addition to the classic lambskin versions, there are Rodeo charms with real horsehair, offering a unique tactile experience. For lovers of more exotic textures, there are variations in Swift leather or with accents of matte alligator or lizard leather. These exclusive materials elevate the charms to the status of real collector’s items.

Hermès also ensures that the charms are size-compatible with various bag models. Therefore, Rodeos are available in three different sizes: the PM size at 9.7 cm x 7.8 cm, ideal for smaller bags, the MM size at 12.7 cm x 10.5 cm, the perfect middle option, and the GM size at 13.3 cm x 11.1 cm, great for larger models.

Pegasus: A Mythical Addition

Enhanced by the majestic appearance of the mythical winged horse, this charm surpasses the charming aesthetics of the Rodeo design. The Pegasus, a creative reinterpretation of the classic charm introduced in 2021, is distinguished by its elegant wings, giving it an almost heavenly grace.

With its rich selection of color and material variations – from single-colored leather to artistic combinations of two or three colors – the Pegasus offers an impressive variety. Some versions of this charm even stand out through the use of exotic skins, giving them a touch of exceptional luxury. Available in three sizes – PM, MM, and GM – the Pegasus can be perfectly matched to the size and design of any Hermès bag. The Pegasus becomes especially appealing when worn in combination with other Hermès charms. This ensemble creates a display that reflects both the creativity of the Hermès house and the individual style of the wearer.

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A Miniature Kelly for Your Kelly

The fascination with miniature versions of luxury goods reaches a peak with the Hermès Mini Kelly Twilly Bag Charm. This charm is a scaled-down tribute to the emblematic Kelly bag of the Hermès house and represents a coveted collector’s item. Its rarity makes it a precious jewel among bag lovers. This micro bag, often executed in Tadelakt leather, is also available in rarer versions made of exotic materials like lizard leather.

The charm of the Twilly charm lies in its attention to detail: it is not just a miniature, but a fully functional bag. It owes its name to the silk material wrapped around the handles – a nod to the popular Twilly scarves from Hermès. This styling element has been integrated into the micro version of the charm, adding additional charm to it. With a variety of colors and patterns, the silk Twilly of the charm offers numerous personalization options. When this Mini Kelly Twilly Bag Charm hangs on a Kelly bag, it creates a charming effect that underscores the uniqueness and luxury of Hermès. The price for this small charm is almost in competition with a Chanel mini bag, highlighting its exclusivity.

The Quelle Idole Charm: Toy Meets Luxury

The Quelle Idole charm, on the other hand, is a playful homage to the rare Kelly Doll bag. This bag charm version combines elements of the classic Kelly bag with the appearance of a child’s toy. Its name, a play on words from the French translated into English: “What an idol!” reflects the creativity and wit of Hermès.

This fully functional charm is characterized by arms, legs, and a grinning face, giving it an almost lifelike radiance. Typically made in Tadelakt leather with accents of Chevre leather, it is available in a range of vibrant colors. This playful charm complements any Hermès bag, adding a playful note to the otherwise serious and sophisticated world of luxury handbags.

The Orange Bag Charm: A Statement in Hermès Orange or A Classic Reinterpreted

The Hermès Orange bag charm is another creative variation of miniaturization. Exclusively available in the distinctive orange color that immediately reminds one of the iconic Hermès shopping bags, this charm is a real eye-catcher. This color choice is no coincidence: During World War II, Hermès had to resort to orange packaging material due to material shortages, which led to the characteristic Hermès Orange.

Made from the finest Milo lamb leather and Swift calf leather, it impresses with its soft, supple texture. The combination of an orange body, black straps, and a light brown leather band that attaches the charm to the handle of the bag makes this charm a distinctive and stylish accessory.

The Oran Charm: Elegance in Miniature / Summer Flair

Following the trend of miniaturizing luxury goods, Hermès introduced the Nano-Oran sandal charm. This charm is a detailed miniature version of the famous Oran sandals. Known for their iconic “H” design, these sandals embody pure elegance and sophistication.

As the perfect summer accessory, the Oran charm features a leather strap that elegantly wraps around the handle of a Hermès bag. Typically made in Epsom leather or exquisite lizard leather, this charm reflects the attention to detail for which Hermès is known. The characteristic “H” and the Hermès Paris logo stamp on the sole of the shoe underline its authenticity. The wide range of available colors of the Oran charm allows for finding the perfect tone for every bag and occasion.


Hermès accessories are more than just additions to an already luxurious bag. They are symbols of attention to detail, individual elegance, and a deep appreciation for quality and design. With these accessories, every Kelly or Birkin becomes a distinctive piece that reflects the personality and style of its wearer.

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